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Kirsten’s training in ballet and contemporary instilled in her a passion for dance from a young age and in 2006, after attending a workshop at Dance base in Edinburgh, she began training with Priya Srikumar; it was from here that her connection with India began. Kirsten went initially to Attakalari centre for Movement Arts in Bangalore, India, and trained in Indian contemporary dance – a mixture of Bharatanatyam, Kalaripayattu, Yoga, and contemporary dance. Kirsten’s love of the form and desire to perfect the technique led her onto the renowned Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai, India, the following year. Under an ICCR (Indian Culture for Cultural Relations) scholarship she spent four years immersed fully in the essence of Bharatanatyam, its culture and tradition, and graduated in 2013 with a first class degree.
During her time in Chennai, Kirsten also practiced yoga, and her love of this led her to a Hatha Yoga teacher training in the Himalayas.
She returned home that year and began performing and teaching in Scotland. As well as her own solo performances and dance projects, she works closely alongside Dance Ihayami (Scotland’s Indian dance company). She trains and performs with the company and teaches adults and children in the practical and theoretical aspects of Bharatanatyam at their school in Edinburgh. 
Kirsten teaches yoga and offers private classes in the Kalakshetra technique and can also provide classes tailored to helping students achieve qualifications in the OFFAL and ISTD syllabuses.
As a solo artist, Kirsten performs the traditional Kalakshetra Items. She has collaborated with Scottish artists and musicians for several projects, performing these pieces throughout Scotland.
At the Hidden Idol classical Dance contest in London in December 2014, she won first place.
Kirsten continues to visit India frequently and recently completed a dance residency with Vyuti Dance Company in Bangalore, performing at Indian Habitat Centre in Delhi on the 3rd of August 2017.
Her most recent collaboration was with Vibhinna Ramdev for a show called Indian Connection, performed at the Fringe festival in Edinburgh August 2017.
Kirsten is a member of the International Dance Council CID-UNESCO and is applying to be empaneled with the ICCR in the New year.